Micklefield Parish Council

Serving the people of Micklefield

Coat of Arms

Clerk & RFO: Joanne Hebden
6 Churchville Avenue
Micklefield, Leeds LS25 4AS

Tel: 0113 2875829

Footpaths (Rights of Way)

Micklefield Parish Council has been part of Leeds City Council's Paths Partnership Scheme since 2000. The Parish Council receives a grant from Leeds City Council each year and is then responsible for ensuring the Public Footpaths and Bridleways are maintained.

For the last few years the annual grant has been reduced significantly, but so far the Parish Council has been able to use accumulated grant monies to continue with three cuts per year. We do have the power to undertake additional maintenance work, using either the grant or the Parish Council's own funds, and do so from time to time when specific needs arise.

If you have any concerns or suggestions, please contact any member of the Public Rights of Way Working Group.